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Angela Erickson

Angela EricksonRealtor

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Do you ever ask yourself why do I get out of bed in the morning and go about my days? What is my Big Why? Why do I do what I do and for who? Or for what?

First, a little about me. I am a lifelong native of Des Moines. I was a single mom for 17 yrs, and have been married now for as long. I have three boys - grown and gone. I grew up in Beaverdale and have lived there off and on for 20 years - currently back in Beaverdale. I have a Master's Degree from Drake University in Counseling and Guidance and worked in the mental health field for 30 year. I've always been someone who loves to help others. This has lent itself very well in counseling people with real estate decisions which can be challenging-ranks right up there with getting married and having kids! I got into real estate 25 years ago - although I've officially been a realtor for over 7 years.

When I was working as a counselor at the Young Women's Resource Center, I kept coming across an application for home ownership through HOME Inc - Housing Opportunities Made Easy - an organization that assists low income families with home ownership (plus more.). At the time I thought it was impossible to own a home for my then 5 year old son and I. I applied without much hope as there were 75 applicants. Eventually I got a call that I made it to the top 4 candidates! Sure enough, we were one of the first families - my son that HOME, Inc. bought a home for in 1990. This home happened to be in the Drake Area. This was a defining moment for us-home ownership! I wanted him to have his own yard, neighborhood, kids to play with, and for me it was a good investment, something to call my own, and much better than paying rent! We lived there for 8 years and I sold it, by myself, in four days. I could then afford a Beaverdale brick ranch for my son and I!

Fast forward, I married the love of my life, we lived in a big house we rehabbed in Waterbury and were ready to downsize as our three sons were starting out on their own. I began going to open houses and eventually met an agent who asked me to go out to coffee with her to explore a career in real estate. I have always loved homes and real estate and considered a career in helping others buy and sell homes. I took the real estate classes and passed the exam on the first try! I recently changed brokerages to Realty ONE Group Impact! I am so excited to continue to happily put my counseling skills to better use by working directly with my buyers and sellers. Someone bought a house for me way back when, and I feel like I am coming full circle every time I hand a key to a new homeowner and see the excitement, tears of joy, and smiles on their faces. Whether they are first time homeowners, "right" sizers, investors, or those that are transitioning and saying goodbye to their forever homes. So, what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning? You! It's to give back and pay it forward, knowing I am helping others with the life changing decision of home ownership.


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